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Reports: NHL Postpones Thursday Playoff Games

The NHL has decided that no games will be played on Thursday or Friday, after a push from players, following the Milwaukee Bucks decision not to play as a means of protest to bring awareness to racial injustice and police brutality. The NHL was the only major sports league in North America to not have any games postponed on Wednesday, as NBA, WNBA, MLB, and MLS players sat out as well.

Players around sports showed support to the Bucks, unified in a message of change, justice and equality.

The league received criticism from players for its initial lack of action, with many questioning their commitment to the cause.

Some players called out the league as well. Evander Kane was outspoken on social media, calling it “insulting.”

He also tweeted out that the Hockey Diversity Alliance has requested the league suspend all of Thursday’s games.

Matt Dumba and Anthony Duclair also tweeted the HDA’s call to action.

Many players reacted on social media when the league did officially suspend the games. Here are some of the reactions:


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