The Philadelphia Eagles are flush with top-flight tight ends as Pro Bowler Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert are arguably the best one-two punch at the position that the league has to offer. They were the top two pass-catching options for Carson Wentz in 2019, with Ertz leading the team with 916 yards receiving and Goedert right behind him hauling in 607 yards on the year. While that elite tandem brings elite play to the Philadelphia offense, it’s soon going to bring questions about how the team can pay them going forward, especially as the position’s value continues to increase. 

Both Ertz and Goedert have two years remaining on their current contracts and could be due to an extension in the near future. Ertz is wrapping up the five-year, $42.5 million contract he signed back in 2016, which has since been blown out of the water by some of his peers, as George Kittle (five years, $75 million) and Travis Kelce (four years, $57.25 million) have each received mega-extensions this offseason. Goedert, meanwhile, is still on his four-year, $5.6 million rookie contract that will pay him just under $1 million in base salary for 2020. 

While he’d certainly like to see everyone get paid, Goedert went to bat for Ertz when speaking with reporters on Monday and left his own contract status in the wait-and-see folder. 

“Zach deserves a contract here, he’s been here, been a top-three tight end in the league. Personally, I believe he’s been the best in the league for the last bunch of years, so he definitely deserves whatever he’s about to get, and I’ve just got to let this year play out,” Goedert said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “It’s not even time to worry about the future. The last two years, me and Zach have been here, we’ve both played good football, we’ve been in the playoffs. I think we can do whatever we want when that time comes, but for him, excited to see what he can do.”

Goedert did say that he’s “happy that the tight end position is seen as more valuable” in relation to both Kelce and Kittle’s extensions so he knows what’s on the horizon for both Ertz and himself once they get closer to hitting the open market. The question, however, is whether or not the Eagles will be willing to pay both tight ends going forward. While Ertz is the most accomplished of the two, Goedert does have a chance to be the long-term pick for the Eagles if it comes to a point where they can only pay one. The former second-round draft choice is just 25 years old, while Ertz will be 30 by the time the 2020 regular season ends. 

Of course, the Eagles could — and likely should — keep both tight ends for the long haul, but if you’re leaning on youth to make a decision between them, the edge goes to Goedert. 


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