It’s been just over seven weeks since Cam Newton officially signed his contract with New England and after more than 40 days of making everyone wait, the Patriots have finally released the one picture that every Patriots fan has been waiting for: Newton wearing his new uniform. 

During a normal preseason, most fans would have gotten their first look at Newton in his Patriots uniform during the team’s first preseason game, which was scheduled to take place on Aug. 13, but that plan went out the window when the NFL decided to cancel every single preseason game due to the pandemic. 

With zero preseason games on the schedule, that means the Patriots could have waited until their opener to release photos of Newton in his uniform, but instead, they decided to do it on Tuesday. 

Ladies and gentlemen, here is your first picture of Cam Newton in full Patriots uniform as unveiled by Newton himself.

For those of you who prefer full-color photos, which is probably nearly everyone, you can see that below.  

OK, so it’s definitely a little weird to see Newton wearing that, but not quite as weird as seeing Tom Brady in a Buccaneers uniform, which is something you can see by clicking here. 

The funny thing about the uniform that Newton is wearing is that it’s one that Brady never actually got to wear in New England during his 20 years with the team. The Patriots released new uniforms in April, and although the Navy blue jersey is close to what their color rush uniform looked like from the Brady era, it’s not quite the same. 

Also, as you’ll notice, Newton was able to convince the Patriots to let him wear No. 1, which is notable, because no Patriots player has ever worn that number under Bill Belichick. 

Here’s one more angle of Cam modeling his new uniform (and you can see more pictures of Patriots players modeling the new uniforms by heading over to the team’s website). 

Although Newton is wearing the uniform now, it’s still not clear if he’ll be wearing the uniform on sideline or on the field in Week 1. The former Panthers quarterback still has to win the starting job in New England and that competition will start this week. Newton will be battling Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer for the job in training camp with the first practice scheduled for Wednesday (Aug. 12).


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