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The Jacksonville Jaguars may have unearthed a hidden gem when they picked Gardner Minshew in the sixth round of the 2019 NFL Draft, but there’s a big reason the team has only made the playoffs once in the last 12 years: They rank among the league’s worst-drafting organizations of the last decade, with some of the most notable busts to come out of the draft since 2010.

Asked to identify the best and worst non-quarterback draft picks of the last decade, the Pick Six NFL Podcast crew spent Monday sorting through random teams’ recent draft hauls (listen below and subscribe here for daily NFL goodness), but everyone agreed that the Jaguars had no shortage of misfires.

“Blaine Gabbert, on an island, would be one of the worst picks,” said Ryan Wilson, “but when you see that the very next year they drafted Justin Blackmon in the first round, you’re like, ‘Oh! Blaine Gabbert might be one of (their) best’ … You can’t argue that Justin Blackmon, who was fifth overall … he worked out zero percent.”

And Blackmon, the former Oklahoma State star who lasted just 20 games before drawing indefinite suspensions, is just one of many big-time busts in Jacksonville’s draft history. Among the other notable early-rounders who didn’t live up to the hype: Left tackle Luke Joeckel (second overall, 2013); quarterback Blake Bortles (third overall, 2014); and linebacker Dante Fowler (third overall, 2015).

Even 2012’s third-round pick of Bryan Anger could be argued as a major miss, Will Brinson argued, considering the Jags opted for a punter five spots ahead of future Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Not only that, he said, but even some of the Jags’ best picks of the last decade — wide receiver Allen Robinson, defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, cornerback Jalen Ramsey — can’t necessarily be considered huge victories because those players either quickly left town, thrived more elsewhere or currently want to leave the team.

“(They took Gabbert) over (J.J.) Watt, and then it took them out of the running to go after Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin or even, frankly, Ryan Tannehill,” Brinson said. “What a disaster that team is.”

Check out the full Pick Six Podcast episode for a breakdown of more of the best and worst picks of the last decade, as well as many more topics on a Monday Mailbag edition.


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