The Washington Football Team is undergoing an extreme makeover this offseason. Not only does the team have a new name, but it’ll also be getting a new look this year that involves revamped uniforms and an updated helmet. Although the team has released mock-ups of what their new helmet will look like, the real thing wasn’t unveiled until Tuesday, and it was definitely worth the wait. 

As Washington previously announced on July 23, the team’s helmet plan for 2020 was to remove their old logo and replace it by putting each player’s number on their individual helmet. The team started making that simple modification to each helmet this week, and let’s just say the new look helmets turned out pretty sleek. 

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s what the team’s helmet will look like for 2020. 

The video above shows the numbers being added while the photo below shows what the final product will look like. 

One person who’s already a huge fan of the new look is racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. The soon-to-be NASCAR Hall-of-Famer shared his approval on Twitter. 

The one thing that isn’t clear is how long the team will be wearing these helmets. Although they’ll definitely be worn for the 2020 season, they could end up changing in 2021 to better fit the team’s new name (whatever that name happens to be). 

Washington owner Daniel Snyder previously announced that his team would be spending the next 12 months seeking feedback from players, sponsors, alumni, fans, and the community for the new team name that will be used at some point in the future. Once that new name is announced, the team could put the new logo on the helmet, or they could end up sticking with the look they unveiled this week. 

As for the new name, there’s a been a lot of speculation about what it might end up being. Noted trademark squatter Philip Martin McCaulay seems to think the team has four viable options: the Americans, Red Tails, Renegades and RedHawks. However, there’s also been plenty of speculation about other names like the Red Wolves and Warriors, and my personal favorite, the Red Pandas. 

The team unveiled new merchandise last week and when that happened, there seemed to be a few hints about what the team name might end up being. To check out those hints, click here. 


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