Zahra Schreiber: NXT diva, Seth Rollins’ Girlfriend fired by WWE for ‘inappropriate and offensive remarks’

Zahra Schreiber : NXT Diva fired by WWE for 'inappropriate and offensive remarks'

Zahra Schreiber has been fired by the company, according to a report from TMZ, two days after old social media postings of hers featuring Nazi symbols began buzzing online.

Zahra Schreiber is no stranger to social media controversy as she was involved in a scandal involving Rollins and his now ex-fiancée Leighla Schultz.

In February, a nude photo of Zahra Schreiber was somehow leaked on all of Rollins’ social media accounts. To make matters worse, the WWE automatically has his tweets and Instagram posts linked to its website, so when they were sent out, it caused the company’s website to republish the nude photos.

Schultz, who was Rollins’ fiancée at the time, saw the photos of Zahra Schreiber and apparently was irate over the thought that “The Architect” was possibly cheating on her. Schultz responded by posting nude photos for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion on his own social media accounts.

Rollins deleted all of the pictures and apologized to his followers for them surfacing on his page. When Zahra Schreiber was fired, TMZ labeled her as Rollins’ girlfriend, so his relationship with Schultz obviously fell apart after the photo scandal and he continued on with the NXT Diva.

Zahra Schreiber was working her way up through NXT and just debuted a new gimmick at this past weekend’s live events where she portrayed Solomon Crowe’s sister. After she was released Monday, Schultz took to Twitter in what seemed to be a cryptic jab at Rollins and Schreiber.

Amid all of these scandals, the WWE has stood by Rollins as he’s held the richest prize in the company since WrestleMania 31 in March and will face Sting in a high-profile match at Night of Champions on Sept. 20.

Statement- WWE announced the following:

“WWE has released Zahra Schreiber due to inappropriate and offensive remarks she made that were recently brought to our attention.”

Zahra Schreiber is the girlfriend to WWE World Heavyweight Champion and United States Champion Seth Rollins, the same NXT Diva involved in the nude photo scandal in February.

She was in the news this weekend due to controversial swastika photos and comments that fans uncovered that she had previously deleted from social media. This is why she has been released. She just debuted as the “sister” of Solomon Crowe this weekend at a NXT live event.