Zac Taylor is committed to Andy Dalton (until he isn’t) – (News)

Zac Taylor is committed to Andy Dalton (until he isn’t) –

New Bengals coach Zac Taylor is saying all the right things about his new quarterback, Andy Dalton.

“I’ve watched Andy closely for the last eight years dating back to his college days and throughout the NFL,” Taylor recently told PFT Live. “I was in the AFC for a long time so we had a lot of crossover with Andy. I’ve always thought very highly of him. I think he’s a great fit for what we’re going to do. He’s really smart. He’s accurate. He can get the ball out on time. So I think he’s gonna fit this offense to a ‘t’ and I’m excited to work with him.”

It’s entirely possible that Taylor means what he says. It’s also possible that Taylor (like the Cardinals are doing) is supporting Dalton in the event that the Bengals can’t find an upgrade to the man who arrived in Cincinnati via the second round of the 2011 draft. Plenty of Bengals fans hope they eventually will; for now, he may be the best option that they’ll have.