Yuhei Takashima paid for having sex with 12000 women

Yuhei Takashima paid for having sex with 12000 women

Yuhei Takashima, a former school principal who allegedly paid for sex with 12,000 women while in the Philippines has been arrested in Japan, over claims at least one of them was as young as 13.

Japanese Yuhei Takashima, 64, is accused of having nearly 150,000 “photographic souvenirs”.

He was arrested on Wednesday by investigating a complaint from a teenage girl in Manila.

Police officers searched his home and found nearly 150,000 photos involving more than 12,000 females, stashed in around 400 albums.

Yuhei Takashima admitted to violating the law on child prostitution and pornography and told them he had wanted to keep records of females he met, according to Japan Times newspaper.

He told police that around 10 per cent of the females were younger than 18, and one report claimed many were as young as 14.

Yuhei Takashima reportedly began to buy sex from local females when he spent three years in the Philippines on business from 1988 and his oldest prostitute was said to be 70.

Since then, he has travelled there 65 times.

A CNN Japan report quoted a police officer saying the Takashima case had been under investigation since 2013.

Yokohama education authorities said that Takashima became a junior high school teacher in 1975 and was sent to work at the school in Manila between 1988 and 1991.

He served as a junior high school principal from 2008 until his retirement in 2011.

The education authorities said that the crime was very regrettable and that the city government works hard to try to prevent inappropriate actions.