Yosemite climbers stretch bounds of the possible – Watch

Yosemite climbers stretch bounds of the possible - Watch

Two climbers in Yosemite National Park achieved a lifelong dream and made history.

Kevin Jorgeson says a course of 6 years lead them to this day and described the moment as “surreal, kinda crazy and uncomfortable”.

He said he encouraged others to find their own Dawn Wall, referring to it as a dream that takes a lot of effort to make happen.

Showing his beat up hands Jorgeson says he feels pretty good, but his hands and legs are feeling beat up. The climber says his hands were a big factor in how fast he could climb, as one wound would heal another would open.

Climbing partner, 36-year-old Tommy Caldwell, who could barely speak from his strained voice say he’s really glad they accomplished the climb, saying “it’s been such a rad adventure”.

When asked about why they climb, Caldwell says watching the sunrise on the morning of their last climb is why they do it.