Yoji Asano : ‘American Idol’ contestant charged with attempted rape

Yoji Asano : 'American Idol' contestant charged with attempted rape

Yoji Asano, A tone-deaf “American Idol” contestant whose lousy singing became a viral sensation has been accused of trying to rape a woman in Manhattan, sources said.

Yoji Asano was taken into custody in New York on Thursday (12Feb15) amid allegations he had tried to force himself on a sleeping friend in her Manhattan apartment in August (14).

The woman, 25, told police she had allowed Asano to sleep on the couch after a night out, but allegedly awoke in the middle of the night to find him lying on top of her, attempting to have sex with her. She fought him off and he reportedly ran out of the building, according to the New York Daily News.

Asano, aka Pop, was apprehended by cops last week and booked on counts of attempted rape and attempted sex abuse. He spent the weekend (13-15Feb15) behind bars on Riker’s Island, before posting $2,500 (£1,563) bail on Monday (16Feb15). The 29 year old appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court to face the charges on Tuesday (17Feb15).