WWE Wrestling : Sting Makes Epic WWE Debut At Survivor Series – Watch

WWE Wrestling : Sting Makes Epic WWE Debut At Survivor Series - Watch

Occasionally, wrestling provides a moment that fans everywhere will remember for a long time. The WWE provided one of those moments Sunday at Survivor Series when Sting finally made his WWE debut.

After Sting joined WWE to be part of their latest video game, “WWE 2K15,” many expected him to make an in-ring appearance at some point, though most expected it to be tied to “Wrestlemania 31” in 2015. Even Sting himself, real name Steve Borden, was up front about his wish to face The Undertaker at WWE’s biggest annual show.

So why appear at “Survivor Series” and attack Triple H? It’s entirely possible a match with The Undertaker just can’t happen. Following his “Wrestlemania 30” match against current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker was hospitalized with a severe concussion.

Should Undertaker not be fit to wrestle by next year’s “Wrestlemanbia,” perhaps Triple H will fill that spot. If that is the case, it’s still a dream match for wrestling fans who have been waiting for years to see Sting in a WWE ring. Pitting him against Triple H — a wrestler synonymous with WWE — would be a marquee attraction for the show.

It remains to be seen exactly what WWE’s plan is for Sting, or how often he’ll appear on “Raw” or “Smackdown.” However, for fans who followed him through the NWA, WCW and TNA, it’s clear there is a match in Sting’s future and that’s an amazing thing.