WWE News : Sting makes WWE debut at Survivor Series

Updated: December 4, 2014
WWE News : Sting makes WWE debut at Survivor Series

WWE brought the house down last night in St. Louis with a Survivor Series for the ages.

Occasionally, wrestling provides a moment that fans everywhere will remember for a long time. The WWE provided one of those moments Sunday at Survivor Series when Sting finally made his WWE debut.

In the main event, it looked like Triple H would pull a fast one so Team Authority would win. It had come down to the final two, Seth Rollins for the Authority and Dolph Ziggler for Team Cena (more on this later). Triple H had pulled the ref out of the ring, pedigreed Ziggler, and summoned another ref from the back.

Midway through the count, a crow cawed, and unfamiliar music started up. After a few moments when random images flashed across the titantron, Sting made his way out from the back, for the first time ever on WWE television. He slowly made his way to ringside, took out the ref, and entered the ring to stare down Triple H. The two just stared for a while, without saying a word. The fans chanted “This is awesome,” and the two started to circle each other.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Triple H tried to attack. Sting ducked it and dropped Triple H with a Scorpion Death Drop as the crowd popped. He then pulled Ziggler over Rollins for the win.

I don’t need to go into a lot of background when it comes to Sting. Everyone knows that he had never been on WWE television before (and if you didn’t know, Michael Cole was quick to tell you when Sting came out). What I don’t think you could fully understand, unless you were watching during the Monday Night Wars, is exactly what this moment meant.

More than anyone else in the company, Sting was WCW. Whenever people would fantasy book WCW vs. WWF matches, it was Sting who was the first person mentioned. When WCW was eventually bought be the WWF, Sting was the one big wrestler who didn’t jump when he was able to. There was a legitimate thought that once he spurned Vince McMahon’s overtures, he’d be the one major American wrestler never to step foot in a WWE ring. So to finally see this happen is a moment that longtime fans won’t soon forget.

In a time where so many of us have been jaded by the business, it was a moment where, based on what I’ve seen in social media, nearly all wrestling fans united and reveled in what we were seeing. We weren’t concerned that Sting is 55, or that it was rather illogical for him to come out unprovoked and stop Triple H. There wasn’t a concern with what would come of this. Instead, we were fully engrossed in the moment that the WWE was providing us. These moments are fairly rare, but they’re moments that help remind us exactly why we’re fans of wrestling.

No matter what happens with Sting’s run in WWE, his debut is something that will never be taken away.

The Rest of Survivor Series:

** As mentioned above, Team Cena won the main event. There were several notable things about this match. The match started with Mark Henry being eliminated almost immediately by The Big Show. Curiously, Ryback was the first member eliminated from Team Cena. I’m not exactly sure why they spent three weeks building up Ryback, just to have him be the second man eliminated, but hopefully there’s a reason. Rusev was the next to be eliminated, as he missed on an attempted splash through an announce table and was counted out. Rollins then helped Luke Harper eliminate Erick Rowan, making the match three-on-three. That’s when the fun started.

As Cena stepped into the ring after Rowan was eliminated, Big Show stepped up and delivered a punch to Cena, allowing him to be pinned. He shook hands with Triple H, and walked back to the ramp. Clearly the storyline, much like his heel turn in 2012, will be that he was looking out for his career and his family, and didn’t want to be fired. Show, then the legal man, decided to walk up the ramp and be counted out, making it a three-on-one confrontation, with Ziggler as the last man for Team Cena.

Ziggler fought valiantly, knocking off Kane fairly quickly, and then despite taking a major beating from Harper, he was able to catch him to roll it up. Then when he got to face Rollins one-on-one, the two put on a show for a few minutes, before Triple H got involved.

Once the match ended, Sting made his way to the back, Cena came out to give Ziggler a hug, and Stephanie and Triple H looked devastated in the ring. Earlier in the night, Vince reiterated that if they lost, Triple H and Stephanie would lose all of their power over the wrestling aspect of the company, and the only person who could return that power to them would be Cena.

Paige hoists the Divas title toward the crowd before a match on Monday Night Raw at Baltimore Arena.

The fact that it was Ziggler, and not Cena, who was the sole survivor says a lot. There are several potential reasons for it. Perhaps the WWE wanted the focus on Sting and Triple H, and Cena might have distracted from that. Perhaps they didn’t feel that Big Show punching Ziggler would have the same tone to it. Whatever the reason, this is a moment that can truly catapult Ziggler to the next level. Fans have been clamoring for him to get elevated, and this might be the catalyst for just that.

** Nikki Bella became the new Divas champion as she squashed AJ. When the two faced off, Brie Bella climbed on the apron. AJ made her way over to Brie, and Brie grabbed AJ and kissed her. As AJ reeled, Nikki punched her from behind, then delivered the Rack Attack for the quick win. Oddly, the announcers pointed out that Brie looked pretty pleased with herself. If this was done under duress, usually the person would have a disappointed look on their face. But Brie clearly smiled a few times, and raised Nikki’s hand. So we’ll see where they go from here, and if Brie has turned heel as well.

** Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose was an OK match with a wild finish. After several near-falls, Wyatt went out to grab a microphone and asked Ambrose why he kept fighting, saying that they could have ruled together. He then threw a couple chairs into the ring. Ambrose grabbed one before Wyatt could, and just like Wyatt’s match against Cena at WrestleMania, Wyatt just threw his arms up, waiting for it.

Unlike Cena, Ambrose didn’t resist the temptation, waffling Wyatt with chair shots. He went out to ringside, throwing more chairs in the ring, before grabbing a table and sending Wyatt through that as well. Finally, he got a ladder and climbed it, posing on top. Later in the night, it was confirmed that Ambrose and Wyatt would face each other at next month’s TLC pay-per-view.

** The Divas title wasn’t the only title to change hands at Survivor Series. The Miz and Damien Mizdow ended up winning the tag-team titles. This match was filled with all the spots you would expect from these four teams. At the end, the Usos looked like they were about to win, as they delivered a splash onto Goldust. However, Miz tagged him as he was going off the top rope, and came in to throw him out of the ring. As he was doing that, Mizdow made a blind tag, ran in and made the pin himself, to the delight of the crowd. Miz looked appalled that Mizdow would upstage him, then grabbed both tag belts as the two posed to the crowd, with the crowd booing Miz and cheering Mizdow.

** Alicia Fox’s team beat Paige’s team. Nobody from Paige’s team ended up being eliminted, and Naomi got the final pin on Paige for the win.

** Roman Reigns had an interview “via satellite.” He said he was getting ready to come back and that he would return next month. Whether he’s back for TLC remains to be seen.

** Adam Rose and The Bunny beat Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil when The Bunny hit a dropkick and got the pin, despite Rose wanting the tag.