World’s longest fingernails: The curious science behind the world’s record claws “Watch”

Updated: October 5, 2015
World's longest fingernails: The curious science behind the world's record claws - Watch

Man With World’s Longest Fingernails Donating Clippings to Museum.

Shridar Chillal, a man living in Prune City in the state of Maharashtra in India, hasn’t cut the fingernails on his right hand since decades ago, in 1952. They have since grown to look more like claws.

Cumulatively, they measure around 30 feet (9 meters). Officials with Guinness World Records last inspected them back in last year’s November, when they measured a total of 909.6 centimeters (358.1 inches) in length.

Earlier this week, the Indian man was officially declared the person with the absolute longest fingernails on a single hand ever known to history. A small feat, but Shridar Chillal seems quite happy to have earned this title.

“His dedication has paid off since he is officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the person with the longest fingernails on a single hand ever,” the organization writes in a statement.

“Guinness World Records officials took a trip to Shridar’s home in Maharashtra, India, to perform an adjudication of the record, along with a photoshoot of the record-holder,” it details.

It’s not easy dragging those things around

Shridar Chillal is the first to admit his freakishly long fingernails can be a bit of a nuisance, especially when it’s time for bed. They’re so long he must be very careful not to accidentally break them in his sleep.

For starters, he can’t move all that much. Then, he must wake up every half an hour because his hand tends to go numb and so he must constantly move it from one side of the bed to the other.

Still, he’s quite proud of them. Especially his thumbnail, which he says measures an astounding 197.8 centimeters (77.87 inches) in length and which forms a tight coil at the end.

As you’ve probably guessed, there is no way Shridar Chillal could even hope to go unnoticed when leaving his home and going out to buy groceries or whatnot. He’s recognized everywhere he goes.

This doesn’t bother him, though. In fact, he’s quite happy about it. You see, being as famous as he is in his home town, he never has to wait in line anywhere as people just let him cut right in front of them. You know, out of respect.