Won’t sacrifice overall production for a particular style – (News)

Sunday was a “special moment” –

With the Ravens planning to “build an offense that really accommodates” what quarterback Lamar Jackson can do, one of the questions they’ll have to answer is who will serve as Jackson’s backup.

While Jackson may not run as much as he did as a rookie, he’s going to be using his legs and there will be a risk of injury that comes with those plays. On Tuesday, Roman was asked at a press conference whether the team needs to have a backup quarterback who can mimic Jackson’s style.

“I think the No. 1 criteria for the backup quarterback position is that he is a good quarterback,” Roman said. “Now, if he happens to be a very athletic, good quarterback, I think now we’re really hitting on all cylinders. Now, we can really keep some cohesion if either were to be in the game. But, I don’t think we want to sacrifice overall production for a particular style. If we can eat the whole cake, we would prefer to.”

Robert Griffin III was with the Ravens last year and has shown ability as a runner over the years. Roman has also coached Colin Kaepernick in the past, although it’s not clear if he’d be under consideration in Baltimore or if either player would fit “the whole cake” package that Roman would prefer to see on the bench.