Woman Pays Off Layaway Accounts : Generous stranger pays customers’ layaway bills at toy store

Updated: December 13, 2014
Woman Pays Off Layaway Accounts : Generous stranger pays customers' layaway bills at toy store

Woman Pays Off All Layaway Accounts at Toys R Us Store, A generous stranger brightened the holiday season for countless children and their parents.

The founder of Sofia’s Angels Foundation made stops at Toys R Us stores in Auburn and Framingham on Friday.

She paid off the layaway balances of everyone at both stores.

Her gift at the Auburn store alone totaled more than $7,000.


She didn’t want to give her name, but said she started the foundation in her mother’s name after she passed away from breast cancer, and said this is her way of celebrating Christmas.

“These families are obviously struggling, and they’re putting things on layaway, and I’m able to help them,” she said. “There’s never enough to do. There’s always more to do.”

“I have a baby, it helps a lot,” said one woman whose layaway account was paid off. “She’s just awesome. I’m gonna cry!”

This wonderful act comes on the heels of a so-called “Layaway Angel,” who paid off more than $20,000 worth of accounts at the Toys R Us in Bellingham on Wednesday.

Friday’s angel says that wasn’t her. That person remains a mystery.