Woman out-muscles unsuspecting man on ‘Flex Cam’ – Watch

Updated: April 24, 2015
Woman out-muscles unsuspecting man on 'Flex Cam' - Watch

During a ‘Flex Cam’ break during the Philadelphia’s Soul game, a woman shut down an unsuspecting man by showing off her muscles.

The man flexes for the camera initially, earning jokes from two women sitting behind him. The one directly behind him is wearing a long-sleeved shirt, making it difficult to ascertain her body type.

She soon shows the man who’s really strong, though. When the camera pans back to the trio, the man is preening, having turned away from the women he thinks he has silenced with his muscles.

But the toned woman is taking off her outer shirt and soon catches the guy’s attention, prompting him to sit down as she earns a roar from the crowd.

“You’ve been stoned my brother!” the announcer says, laughing.

The amusing interaction has been seen by almost two million people on YouTube and provides one of those in-the-moment situations that come about at professional sporting events.