Woman Faked Cancer, charged with fraud – Watch

A Florida woman is under arrest after she faked having breast cancer in order to collect thousands of dollars from her family and community.

In late 2013, Kelly Johanneson, 36, of Hernando, disappeared for a month, unknown to family, according to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office. She later returned and said she had Stage IV breast cancer and had been to Moffitt Cancer Center.

Johanneson asked for help to pay for doctor’s appointments, specifically asking for cash, the sheriff’s office said. She received hundreds of dollars from family and friends.

Supporters created a donation website — KellysHope on GoFundMe.com — that raised $4,400. Other fundraisers were held, including a large event by the Citrus County Airboat Alliance.

Then in September 2014, detectives received word that her condition might be fake. Detectives interviewed relatives and others close to Johanneson and learned that no one had been to the doctor with her, the sheriff said.

Detectives interviewed Johanneson, who told them that she had been to Moffitt and provided names of doctors. Investigators received paperwork that appeared to be from Moffitt.

But, Moffitt said it never had a patient of that name, and Johannesson’s date of birth and Social Security number confirmed the paperwork was fraudulent, according to the sheriff’s office.

Johanneson was then arrested and is being charged with organized fraud, a third-degree felony.