Jessica Williams Debuts the McKinney Bikini on ‘The Daily Show’ “Watch”

Williams' 'McKinney bikini' : Jon Stewart slams McKinney police officer's use of force at a local pool party - Watch

Jessica Williams films McKinney ‘Daily Show’ segment in bikini.

On Monday’s episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart discussed a recent incident in McKinney, Texas, where a police officer slammed a black teenage girl to the ground during a pool party. He was also caught on camera pointing his gun at several other unarmed teens who tried to help her.

Stewart tapped correspondent Jessica Williams to help him address the incident, so she “reported live” from McKinney, wearing a full suit of body armor beneath a bright pink bikini. (A “McKinney bikini,” or, as Stewart calls it, a “McKini.”)

“This week’s incident has taught black people here something valuable,” Williams said. “When you go to a pool party, even in your own neighborhood that you live in, you have to know pool etiquette, which is no running, no splashing, no talking back, and, if at all possible, get your ass even further to the ground than it already is.”

Then Williams added: “But either way, this incident is progress. It’s progress because a cop pulled a gun on a group of black kids, and nobody is dead.”

  • Mike Stuart

    You guys are truly the reason for hate in America. This does nothing but stir up the wasp nest with hating the people that protect you everyday. Ridiculous and nothing but complete ignorance (which I am not surprised, coming from Jon Stewart).

    • Terry Everly

      really..every time something like this happens he does stupid stuff like this …come to reality it, is what he does….he is no more a news reporter than al Sharpton is a reverend….I seriously can not believe that people watch this show as source for real news when it is anything but…I for one will be glad when he is off the air

    • RRiggs

      Did you really say “stir up the WASP nest”? LOL

      And you’re right. “You guys” (and by that I presume you mean black people) are the problem. And black people will still be to blame when the next video of a white officer killing or abusing a black person comes out. And the next video. And the next one. And the next one.

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