Which NFL records will never be broken? – (News)

Which NFL records will never be broken? –

It’s Roger Goodell’s birthday. It’s also Paul Krause’s birthday. And Hall of Famer Paul Krause has a place in the record books that may be permanent.

Krause, now 77, has 81 career interceptions. He’s held the record for 40 years. The closest contender since then has been Hall of Famer Rod Woodson, who finished his career with 71.

The current active leader is Reggie Nelson, who is tied for 91st on the all-time list with 38. The only other active player in the all-time top 250 is Richard Sherman with 32.

So Krause’s record may never be broken. What other all-time NFL records may never be broken? It was a subject on Tuesday’s PFT Live. Check out our ideas in the attached video, and drop your own in the comments.

Perhaps the one record that will absolutely never be broken belongs to Jim Hardy. It’s a record that no one will likely ever tie. Either Google him, or watch the video.