Where will Mike McCarthy land? – (News)

Where will Mike McCarthy land? –

With multiple coaching openings coming and a Super Bowl-winning coach available immediately, one of the more intriguing stories in January will be the destination of Mike McCarthy.

On Monday, Peter King wrote in his Football Morning in America column that he hears that McCarthy “likes Arizona and would be interested in exploring the job.” Of course, that job currently is occupied. Come Monday (or Sunday night), it may not be.

Despite his past accomplishments, McCarthy has been criticized in some circles (including this circle) for not doing more with one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. How will Aaron Rodgers do without McCarthy? How will McCarthy do without Rodgers. We’ll definitely get an answer to the first question; we’ll probably get an answer to the second one.

McCarthy surely will get multiple interviews, if he wants them. And he’ll likely get one or more offers, barring a disastrous interview process.

Still, the primary concern with McCarthy will continue to be whether his offensive is sufficiently creative and diverse to thrive in today’s NFL, which features plenty of creative and diverse offenses. Some teams may hesitate for that reason alone. Which, in all fairness, is a pretty good reason for hesitation.