What is Red Nose Day? Kim Kardashian & More Celebs Celebrate

What is Red Nose Day? Kim Kardashian & More Celebs Celebrate

Red Nose Day is an enormously popular event in the U.K that has raised more than one-billion dollars for charity over the last 30 years. And now, it is going to become a part of U.S tradition as well.

This is its first year in the U.S and we couldn’t be happier to be apart of it.

Red Nose Day USA is run by Comic Relief Inc. which is an independent sister organization of Comic Relief UK. Both organizations are related through their shared vision of a world without poverty. They both want to spread the same mission: to effect positive change through the power of entertainment.

Thursday night at 7 p.m. NBC will host a three-hour entertainment TV special as a celebration for the first Red Nose Day event in the US.

The event will feature superstar presenters, comedians, original sketch comedy, hilarious film parodies and amazing musical performances. It will also highlight the poverty-related issues for which Red Nose Day is fundraising.

Many celebrates have already started taking part in the festivities.

Stars like Kim Kardashian declared their support for the cause officially on Twitter. Twitter is doing a live feed as the event progresses with all the performances and charities participating in the event.

Other stars supporting the event are Will Ferrell, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Jack Black, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Aniston, Rose Byrne, Nick Cannon, Simon Cowell, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zac Efron and Jimmy Fallon.

Other celebrities on board with the Red Nose Day broadcast will include Jennifer Garner, Richard Gere, Neil Patrick Harris, John Legend, Ciara, Cedric the Entertainer, Matt LeBlanc, Dame Helen Mirren, Julianne Moore, Elisabeth Moss, Liam Neeson, One Direction, Robert Pattinson, Eddie Redmayne, Nicki Nash, Craig Robertson, David Duchovny, Jane Lynch, Julia Roberts, Paul Rudd, Nicole Scherzinger, Howie Mendel, Ian Zerzig, William Shatner, Keith Urban and Reese Witherspoon.