Was about hiring right person, not moving quickly – (News)

Bengals to interview Giants secondary coach –

The Bengals had some false starts when it came to finding a defensive coordinator to serve under head coach Zac Taylor, but their search finally ended this week with the hiring of former Giants defensive backs coach Lou Anarumo.

Anarumo and Taylor spoke to the media about the hire on Thursday and Taylor addressed the amount of time it took for the team to land Anarumo. He said that he felt the search seemed like a more extended one than it was because the Bengals were getting a later start than other teams because he was with the Rams in the Super Bowl.

“I just felt that, that was the right thing to do, not put together a staff until after the game was over,” Taylor said, via the team’s website. “It was easy to hire some guys on offense because I knew them all along, but I just really wanted to start that process when the game ended. It feels like it’s gone on forever because we’re the last team to make these hires, but in reality, it’s taken the same amount of time that you would normally take with a new head coach and the hires we’ve made. Again, it’s just about the right people. There’s plenty of really good coaches out there, we just had to find the right one that fit what we wanted to do, and we found that with Lou.”

Based on multiple reports, the Bengals went down the road of trying to hire other candidates so it didn’t play out quite the way that Taylor explained it on Thursday. None of that will matter much if Anarumo makes up for lost time and puts together a defense that plays well come September.