Von Miller adjusts to the loss of veteran teammates – (News)

Von Miller adjusts to the loss of veteran teammates –

The Broncos have lost receiver Emmanuel Sanders for the season and cornerback Chris Harris Jr. for the foreseeable future. Linebacker Von Miller is trying to adjust to this new reality for a team that is suddenly 6-6.

“I’m still trying to get over the ‘88’ trade,” Miller told reporters on Thursday in reference to the trade that sent receiver Demaryius Thomas to the Texans.” Now we’ve got ‘10’ and ‘25.’ It’s different. It’s really different, but it’s the pros. I hate to say, but it’s the pros and its part of the game. It is.

“You’ve just got to take it one day at a time, take it six hours at a time and see where you get. It definitely will be weird, but it’s also exciting to be a part of so many young guys’ careers. It’s dope. It’s exciting and it’s strange at the same time.”

It has to be exciting for anyone connected with a team that has doubled its wins after a 3-6 start to the season. Of the various 6-6 teams in the AFC, the Broncos could have the best chance to slide into a playoff spot.