Valery Rozov: Daredevil killed in base-jumping accident

Updated: November 14, 2017
Valery Rozov: Daredevil killed in base-jumping accident

Valery Rozov, a legendary Russian daredevil died while attempting his latest stunt in a wingsuit accident in eastern Nepal.

The Russian Rozov was a legend in the sport of free-falling. He was the first to skydive into a volcano crater, the first to jump off Mount Kilimanjaro and he even completed the highest BASE jump ever when he jumped from a height of 23,688 feet off Mount Everest.

Rozov was in the midst of a “seven summits” quest in which he would BASE jump from the highest mountain on each of the seven continents. According to reports, Rozov crashed into a cliff immediately upon jumping on Saturday.

A Red Bull athlete since 2004, Red Bull had this to say of their departed family member:

“The Russian received international recognition as a highly professional athlete, an aerial adventurer who tirelessly set himself against increasingly difficult goals. Valery will always remain in our memory: strong in spirit, professional, modest, full of energy, an eternal dreamer who was forever burning with new ideas and projects.”

Rozov is survived by his wife and three sons. Our condolences go out to them.