Utah Utes’ Kaelin Clay fumble touchdown against Oregon Ducks – Video

Utah Utes' Kaelin Clay fumble touchdown against Oregon Ducks - Video

Utah’s Kaelin Clay thought he’d scored a touchdown to put the Utes up 13-0 over the Oregon Ducks on Saturday. What he’d actually done was fumble the ball before crossing the goal line.

In the second quarter, when the Utes were up by seven, Utah QB Travis Wilson slung a beautiful, arcing pass to Kaelin Clay. The receiver caught it and raced to the endzone, but inexplicably, nonchalantly dropped the ball at the one-yard line.

While Clay and teammates celebrated their not-touchdown, Oregon’s Erick Dargan realized what happened, picked up the ball, and fumbled it; linebacker Joe Walker then recovered and ran down the length of the field for the score. It took a few minutes for everyone—onlookers, commentators, and even some of the referees—to confirm this insane, borderline comical sequence of events, but it shifted the momentum of the game in Oregon’s favor.