University Of Maine Boots Candy Canes, Christmas Trees & More

Updated: December 13, 2014
University Of Maine Boots Candy Canes, Christmas Trees & More

University Of Maine Aborts Crackdown On Candy Canes, The University is hastily playing defense after an email surfaced this week in which a campus administrator prohibited staff from showing Christmas or Hannukah decorations in public places.

A report by WABI TV started the furor when it said that wreaths, Christmas trees and Santas had been removed from the campus, pointing to the staff email as the apparent culprit.

Those trees were part of a fraternity fundraiser that had concluded and their removal was not related to the email, according to the Daily News.

The school is now at pains to show how much it loves the Christmas season:

“We want to be absolutely clear that at the University of Maine, we welcome every faith tradition, and we welcome displays of those faith traditions,” said [Dean of Students Robert] Dana [in a press release]. “The university is a place where, indeed, there is a great deal of diversity and that’s what we want and expect.” …

The outside of Memorial Union, where [Alpha Tau Omega philanthropy chairman Connor] Scott and Dana addressed a throng of media Thursday morning, was covered with holiday wreaths.

“I can confidently tell you that there are thousands of people at University Of Maine today saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to thousands of other people,” Dana said.

The school doesn’t appear to have responded to another claim in the WABI TV report: “Employees in the student bookstore say they were told not to use the phrase, ‘Merry Christmas.’”