Uber driver attacked by passenger in Southern California “Watch”

Uber driver attacked by passenger in Southern California - Watch
Uber driver attacked by passenger in Southern California - Watch

An Uber driver who was attacked by a passenger posting footage of the assault to show the dangers that drivers face.

Dashcam video caught the driver, Edward Caban, taking a violent pummeling from the passenger. “He was grabbing my head and was trying to smash it against the window,” Caban says.

From the beginning, Caban had a bad feeling about the trip. “He started becoming very aggressive, swearing at me, fading in and out of consciousness in the back seat,” he explains.

Caban says his rider refused to put on his seatbelt or give clear directions. “At that point I decided enough was enough,” the driver says.

But the passenger then started punching Caban – again and again. In the video, you can see the passenger trying to slam his head into the glass.

Eventually, Caban is able to click off the safety of his mace. “I turned around and sprayed as much as I could into his face until he got out of the car,” the driver explains.

Police arrived within minutes. They arrested the rider, later identified as Benjamin Golden. He was still vomiting from the pepper spray.

“I wanted to make sure he didn’t get away. I have lost so much money on people like him and I’m done dealing with it,” Caban says. “They take the food right out of my mouth.”

Uber says they have banned the rider from ever using the platform again. Caban says they have also offered to reimburse him for cleaning out the pepper spray.

But he says, for now, his days driving for Uber are over.