Two Ferguson protest leaders get engaged at City Hall – Picture

Updated: December 17, 2014
Two Ferguson protest leaders get engaged at City Hall - Picture

Two Female Ferguson Protest Leaders Marry, Alexis Templeton, 20, and Brittany Ferrell, 25, two of the co-founders of Millennial Activists United, first met in August at protests for police accountability after Brown was killed by former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

The two are also both plaintiffs in a federal court case against law enforcement agencies over their heavy-handed response to demonstrations.

After getting to know each other at the protests, the two started dating. On Tuesday afternoon, Templeton formally proposed to Ferrell at City Hall, where the couple then picked up a marriage license.

“There’s going to be a lot of food, drinks, happiness,” Templeton said. “I’m going to be the DJ – music over the people,” referring to her Twitter handle @musicoverpeople.

After they received the license in the small office, the crowd chanted, “Black love matters.”

Throughout the event, police were speckled throughout the halls and entrances. They even asked activist DeRay Mckesson when he arrived if they were trying to shut down City Hall. He told them, “No.” It was just two people celebrating their love and trying to get married.