Trump absent as Sooner wins ‘Miss USA 2015’

Trump absent as Sooner wins Miss USA 2015

Miss USA – Olivia Jordan crowned, Donald Trump absent.

The beauty pageant’s co-owner announced Saturday he wouldn’t be in attendance because he’s out on the campaign trail, Reuters reports.

The Miss USA pageant became mired in controversy after Trump stated during his presidential campaign kick-off last month that immigrants from Mexico are “rapists” who bring drugs and crime to the U.S. Hosts Thomas Roberts of MSNBC and Cheryl Burke of Dancing With the Stars both dropped out, as did several judges and guests. NBC also announced it would not air the program, and it was picked up by the cable channel Reelz.

Trump absent as Sooner wins Miss USA 2015

Trump absent as Sooner wins Miss USA 2015

The pageant was broadcast live from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Jordan, a 26-year-old actress, won the competition after answering a question about race in the United States. “We still need to talk about race relations in the country, we have not solved this issue,” she said. “We really need to work on being an accepting society.”

  • Rat’ Party

    Odd, now the progressive rats are giving Trump grief over missing the pageant. He did the classy thing and not distract the women competing. The leftist swine won’t stop at anything. No propaganda too extreme, no lie to great-and they have completely infested the media while destroying the country, and entire free world.