Truck driver invents new tires that let you drive sideways “Watch”

Updated: July 4, 2016
Truck driver invents new tires that let you drive sideways - Watch

If you’ve ever dreamed of drifting your sedan with the best of them, here’s your chance. William Liddiard has created a set of omnidirectional tires, called Liddiard Wheels that allow his Toyota Echo to move side-to-side and even spin in circles. They can be used on almost any vehicle and he claims they can stand up to road conditions like any standard tire.

Liddiard says that “unlike other omni capable wheels, my wheels do not require the vehicle to be built around them. This is a world first bolt-on application for anything with wheels.” He even asserts that the wheels can be used in any weather or road conditions.

Advantages of the omni-directional wheels include the ability to drive in all directions or rotate the vehicle 360 degrees. The tires can be had with various tread patterns and with different siping and grooves.

While Liddiard says his design produces 24,000 pounds of torque, he says the production versions would likely be offered with a taller gear specific to the application.

Check out the video below to see what is claimed to be the first universal set of bolt-on omni-directional wheels.