Trent Richardson recharged in AAF, wants to make NFL comeback – (News)

Trent Richardson recharged in AAF, wants to make NFL comeback –

Running back Trent Richardson is one of the early success stories of the AAF, with three touchdowns in two weeks to lead his Birmingham team to an undefeated start.

But for Richardson himself, his own journey has been so long and troubled that he had to find motivation beyond football.

After some early success he washed out of the NFL, but passed on a chance to play in the CFL because he didn’t want to be that far from his children. From that standpoint, being able to play in Alabama became a blessing for him.

Via Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland, the former No. 3 overall pick of the Browns said his kids motivated him to give it another chance at 28.

“I’ll always be a great father, but win, lose or draw, my kids are always smiling at me and always keep my motivated,” Richardson said. “It wasn’t about the football or what the naysayers are saying, that you should have stayed in Cleveland or that I shouldn’t have been traded. It was a drought I went through. I was upset. I was hurt by the game, but you live and you learn. I learned the business part of it.

“What kept my pushing forward was my kids. When I look up every morning and had a chance to be a house dad, take them to school, be able to go to plays and gymnastic meets and football, and see my kids playing sports, that too motivated me.”

He said he “definitely” wants to play in the NFL again, if someone wants to give him a shot.

“Ya’ll keep watching,” Richardson said. “We’re going to do great things in this Alliance league. And hopefully one day I’ll get that phone call and hopefully I’ll be jumping in that Dawg Pound one day.”

But for now, being around his family, and enjoying football again is enough.