Tracey Kahn Baby : 51-Year-Old Single Mom Gives Birth to Second Daughter

Updated: February 28, 2015
Tracey Kahn Baby : 51-Year-Old Single Mom Gives Birth to Second Daughter

Tracey Kahn, 51-Year-Old Single Mom Gives Birth To A Healthy Baby Girl.

The successful Upper East Side businesswoman announced her controversial pregnancy in The Post in September 2014 in a two-page, first-person article. She revealed that, like Scarlett, the baby was the product of a donor egg and donor sperm (both from anonymous donors) and would be Scarlett’s full biological sister.

Eloise was conceived via IVF at Kahn’s fertility clinic, Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York, which regularly treats wannabe mums over 50.

She was born weighing a robust 7 pounds, 6 ounces at New York-Presbyterian Hospital at 10:37am on February 18.

“I was excited and anxious to give birth because she was full term, but everything went smoothly,” says Kahn, who had a planned C-section and stayed in the hospital for five nights.

“Towards the end of the pregnancy, I was getting a little uncomfortable because of the extra weight, but otherwise it was pretty good,” she says.
Scarlett met her little sister the following day, presenting the newborn with a card decorated with hearts and kisses.

“At first she was a deer caught in headlights, but now she absolutely adores her,” adds Kahn. “I’m so glad I was able to give her a sibling who’ll be with her for the rest of her life.”

Meanwhile, the petite mum, who is breastfeeding, has employed a $350-a-day baby nurse for at least the next three months who will join the full-time nanny watching Scarlett.

“I’ve worked very hard my whole life to afford this situation, so why not?” says Kahn, dismissing any claims she won’t be a hands-on mum. Employed by a high-profile jeweller, she even worked Oscars night from her hospital bed, just four days after giving birth.

Now, looking to the future, she is confident that, despite her age, the children will enjoy a loving, comfortable childhood and adulthood.

“There are so many positive things to having a baby this late in life,” adds Kahn. “Yes, I’m older, but I’m in great shape. I have a great head on my shoulders, with a great system of friends.

“It’s about quality and how you raise your children and the decisions you make.”

Next up on her to-do list? Meeting a husband.

“Would I love to get married and give my daughters a father one day? Absolutely. That’s next on my bucket list!” she says, with a laugh before adding, “My two children are extremely lucky and so am I. If anybody asked me whether I’d do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing.”