Torii Hunter Gets Tossed and Tosses his Uniform – Watch

Torii Hunter Gets Tossed and Tosses his Uniform - Watch

Torii Hunter is widely considered as one of the good guys in the MLB. However, Wednesday night he was pushed too far and absolutely lost it..

Torii Hunter was at bat when he was ejected for arguing with a call by the umpire in the Twins game against the Kansas City Royals.

The 39-year-old proceeded to give the umpire an earful before taking off his helmet, then shin guard, throwing his batting gloves onto the diamond and finally his shirt.

Torii Hunter was ejected along with manager Paul Molitor who initially looked like he was coming out to calm the situation down.

The 19-year veteran has a habit of manic outbursts but none have ended with a quick game of strip poker.




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