Tom Willis : Armless man ‘throws’ out first pitch at Giants game with foot

Tom Willis : Armless man 'throws' out first pitch at Giants game with foot

Tom Willis, who was born without arms, threw out the first pitch before Monday night’s Giants-Mariners game in San Francisco using his right foot, gripping the ball between his big toe and second toe.

Born with congenital bilateral upper amputation, Tom Willis said his aim was to throw the first pitch at all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums as part of his Pitch for Awareness campaign to draw attention to the skills of people with disabilities.

Back when he started the project the American video producer explained how he moves to deliver the ball with such accuracy.

“Basically, I hold the ball with my right foot and step back with my left leg. Then I lift my left leg into a kick like a real pitcher does.

“I bring that leg down slowly and the right leg comes up. Using the momentum that I’ve created in my hips when I bring my left foot forward, I get an extra whip and just try to throw straight at the catcher with the ball coming from my right foot.”

San Francisco on Tuesday (NZT Wednesday) was his 23rd appearance on an MLB pitchers mount for the campaign which started in 2008.

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