Timing of initial hearing makes NFC title game do-over impossible – (News)

Timing of initial hearing makes NFC title game do-over impossible –

The chances of a court ordering the Commissioner to order a do-over of the end of the NFC Championship game were slim. The chances have now slid as a practical matter to none.

Lawyer Frank D’Amico, who when he isn’t copying and pasting our content as a press release is recording videos that taunt Commissioner Roger Goodell, disclosed in said video that a hearing in D’Amico’s lawsuit will happen on Monday. Which means as a practical matter that there’s no way any court will order the NFL to re-do the final 1:49 of the game.

With the Super Bowl coming only six days after Monday, and with this coming Sunday the most obvious date for a re-do, a do-over won’t happen. And it’s entirely possible that D’Amico didn’t even try to get this matter teed up this week, knowing that there was really no chance of securing emergency relief and unwilling to ride the legal rollercoaster that would be unleashed as the NFL tried through every available courthouse in every available jurisdiction to overturn any such legal mandate.

So this one currently feels like a publicity stunt, not a serious effort to compel the Commissioner to invoke the broad powers available to him under Rule 17. Given the amount of money lawyers spend on local advertising, the free media coverage coming from this half-hearted effort to seek justice will carry plenty of value for D’Amico.

Maybe it will allow him to hire a publicist who doesn’t simply copy and paste online media reports for press releases.