Tiger Woods takes small amount of Mark Cuban’s money at poker

Tiger Woods takes small amount of Mark Cuban's money at poker

Tiger Woods Apparently Cleaned Mark Cuban Out At The Poker Table.

Tiger Woods is a competitor in every sense of the word. Like Michael Jordan, Woods doesn’t like to lose in anything. Which means he brought that steely-eyed killer instinct to the poker table during his Tiger Jam event over the weekend.

Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban took part in the event’s poker tournament, and if you believe him Woods is now a billionaire himself.

The best part of the video, without a doubt, is when Cuban pans over to Woods. From the looks of things Woods isn’t giving up focus on the table for Cuban’s joke.

“You know how you just hate some people? You know how some people when they win they’re like sore winners?” Cuban is far from the first person to accuse Woods of these things, even if he is doing it in a joking manner.

For the sake of Mavericks fans, Cuban better be joking. He will need some of that money if he plans on bringing in DeAndre Jordan from the Clippers this offseason.