Tiger Woods : Golfer Loses Million-Dollar Autograph Lawsuit

Tiger Woods : Golfer Loses Million-Dollar Autograph Lawsuit

A jury ordered Tiger Woods’ company, ETW, to pay $668,000 to a company that alleged breach of a licensing agreement, the Miami Herald reported Wednesday.

the Miami Herald reported today, though interest could push the sum to $1.3 million. Bruce Mathews, the owner of Gotta Have it Golf, also is attempting to recoup $1 million in attorneys’ fees. ETW Corp. is expected to appeal the decision.

Mathews claimed in the suit “that Woods breached a 2001 licensing agreement by not providing a specified number of autographs and photographs,” the Herald wrote.

Woods, under subpoena, had testified in the case for more than 45 minutes in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court on Monday.

“This has been a long time coming,” one of Mathews’ attorneys, Eric Isicoff, told the Herald. “The behavior of ETW Corporation has been reprehensible and we are very pleased with the jury’s verdict.”

Meanwhile, there are several Woods’ items, some of them signed, available for purchase at gottahaveitgolf.com, including the display shown above, priced at $2,340.

Evan Pelly