Three injured after bolt falls from roof of Lucas Oil Stadium during Colts game ‘Watch’

Three injured after bolt falls from roof of Lucas Oil Stadium during Colts game

Retractable roof bolts falls into fan section during halftime of Thursday night’s Colts-Bengals preseason game in Indianapolis.

NFL preseason was literally painful to watch Thursday night as three fans suffered non-life-threatening injuries when a bolt from the Lucas Oil Stadium retractable roof fell into a seating section.

Two minutes before halftime, a bolt, sheared by the retractable roof that was being opened, dropped into seating Section 248, striking two men and a woman, said Barney Levengood, executive director of the Indiana Convention Center’s Capital Improvement Board of Managers.

“I heard a large pop overhead,” said Robert Fickle, 44, a Colts fan from Cincinnati. The next thing Fickle saw was the bolt fall from overhead, ricochet off the wall beside him, then fall and hit a woman below him.

He described the bolt as being the size of a half-roll of quarters.

“My sister is in section above the woman,” Chris Bavender, communications director at the Indianapolis Department of Public Safety, tweeted to The Indianapolis Star. “Said it was large bolt that fell — (medical personnel) leading (the woman) down (with a) cloth to her head.”

Once stadium authorities were notified of the falling bolt, Levengood said the roof’s opening was immediately stopped.

Fickle said emergency medical crews came into the stadium with a stretcher, but Amber Meranda told The Star on Twitter that the woman was taken out in a wheelchair.

“One female and one male were attended to by IU Health medical personnel and then transported to a local hospital for further evaluation,” said Levengood. “The third person was a male who was treated and released on site.”