The World Cup Wrap: Day 28

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow and wow! Hats off to Germany.

No-one saw that coming. Hammering Brazil 7-1, in their own backyard, and in a semi-final – this really is the World Cup that just keeps on giving.

With another semi-final to come this evening between Holland and Argentina, catch up on some of the lighter news from the tournament in today’s World Cup Wrap.

Things can only get better

As if seeing your team mauled by Germany in the semi-finals wasn’t bad enough, this Brazilian’s day was made even worse as she became an internet sensation – but her new found moment of fame will be one she wants to forget.

Chasing the team bus down the road as they travelled to the stadium, our fan tried her best to catch up with her heroes, but she ended up tripping and sprawled across the pavement –and unfortunately it was all captured on camera.

The one shining light, however, is that her fall from grace was perhaps not quite as heavy as the national teams.

To coin a phrase
As the World Cup begins to draw to a close, supporters will no doubt be looking for ways to remember one of the best tournaments in history.

And no matter the outcome of this evening’s second semi between Holland and Argentina, the Royal Dutch Mint have come up with the perfect souvenir for Dutch fans – producing a coin to commemorate Robin van Persie’s sensational diving header from the 5-1 group game win over Spain.

The iconic image has been placed onto a coin to “honour the achievements of the Dutch team in Brazil”, although we think it also bears a passing resemblance to Van Persie’s strike partner, Arjen Robben.

What the new coin will look like

What the new coin will look like

No-one else comes Klose
It wouldn’t be a World Cup Wrap without recognising the tremendous achievement of Miroslav Klose.

As the world buzzes over their rampage in Estadio Mineirao, and a number of stattos re-write their history books, let’s take a minute to reflect on the German goal machine’

s exploits.

As he notched the second goal of the evening, the striker overtook Brazilian legend Ronaldo to become the World Cup’s all-time leading goalscorer with 15 goals.


The new record holder Miroslav Klose

The new record holder Miroslav Klose