The World Cup Wrap Day 23

After two long days World Cup football is back this afternoon as a mouth-watering quartet of matches begins at 5pm.

Before you sit down to watch what promises to be another sizzling display of football, make sure you catch up with all the latest news from South America.

Ahead of tonight’s Brazil v Colombia showdown all the talk has been of who will come out on top – Neymar or James Rodriguez.

But as the pressure builds, Colombian hotshot Rodriguez appears to be unaffected as he masterminded this cheeky prank on Pablo Armero.

He is joined by team-mates Juan Cuadrado and Luis Muriel as they scare the living daylights out of the West Ham United full-back.

National holiday
And on Colombia, the president of the country has called a national holiday so that people can cheer on their country tonight.

Colombian workers will only have to work a half day today, as Rodriguez and co. prepare for the first World Cup quarter-final ever.

Via his Twitter page, Santos said: “I want to announce to all government workers that, by civic decree, Friday afternoon will be a public holiday so that everyone can watch the game.”

And finally… In Friday’s later kick-off, Germany take on France in what promises to be another classic encounter.

But whenever these two heavyweights clash, it is impossible not to go back and watch one of the most horrific challenges ever in football.

Back at the World Cup in 1982, German goalkeeper Toni Schumacher’s attack on French defender Patrick Battiston remains one of the most remembered scenes in history.

Amazingly, the referee chose to not even caution Schumacher, but Battiston was not so lucky, suffering a concussion and lost two teeth as a result of the foul.

If you have never seen it – check it out below.