The Undertaker Collapses After WWE SummerSlam ‘Watch’

The Undertaker Collapses After WWE SummerSlam - Watch

The Undertaker Collapses on the Entrance Ramp Following His Match at WWE SummerSlam.

It isn’t clear if this was just Undertaker selling a beating, or if it was a case of genuine exhaustion or injury. The fact it was literally at the second he was entering gorilla, some are speculating that it was a genuine collapse.

It wouldn’t be the first instance of Undertaker collapsing after a match with Lesnar, as he was rushed to hospital after WrestleMania 30 due to a collapse as soon as he got backstage. He had suffered a concussion in the Mania 30 loss and was in very bad shape.

It was certainly a very physical match that both men endured at SummerSlam. They were swinging heavy hands, many of which connected with real force. Whether it was ring rust or just stiff working, they were absolutely pounding each other. There was a deliberate MMA style to it, with various aspects of boxing and submission involved.

It all built up to what was a very good wrestling match, only to be overshadowed by a very controversial finish. The Undertaker tapped to a Lesnar kimura, leading the time keeper to ring the bell. However, the referee hadn’t seen the tap, so the match continued. During the confusion, Taker low blowed Lesnar. It was confusing and a little lost on the crowd. Seeing such a revered legend using heel tactics didn’t add up.

Lesnar was then caught in the Hell’s Gate and passed out, handing The Undertaker victory. It is clear that there is a third match coming.