The Boy Next Door Reviews : The latest Jennifer Lopez movie is trashy fun – Watch

The Boy Next Door Reviews : The latest Jennifer Lopez movie is trashy fun - Watch

A movie reviews of “The Boy Next Door”: Jennifer Lopez plays a very, very glamorous teacher who has a one-night stand with her very, very good-looking 19-year-old neighbor. Big mistake. Star rating: 1 star out of 4.

The Boy Next Door has all the plot holes, illogical developments, terrible dialogue and lousy acting that appear to be de rigueur in a Jennifer Lopez movie. It’s almost as if a new word is required to describe the wrongness of these films: ‘Cinelopez,’ maybe, or ‘Jennifilm’ — just some shorthand to explain the phenomenon of crapitude that plagues Lopez’ movies.

It’s giddy fun. Lopez stars as Claire Peterson, a serious high school literature teacher who goes to her serious teaching job in come-hither clothes. Claire has recently separated from her cheating husband (John Corbett) and she and her geeky son Kevin (Ian Nelson) are on their own. One day in the summer, Kevin and Claire meet the new neighbour, Noah (Ryan Guzman), a helpful young man who is staying next door with his elderly uncle. Noah’s parents have died in a car accident and his uncle is his only living relative.

Noah is a bit older at 19 but he and Kevin both go to high school and they become friends. The camera lingers on Noah’s muscles and his six-pack and his sweaty body, and one night, in a moment of weakness, Claire has sex with her son’s little friend. As one does. She is filled with remorse afterward, not to mention fear of jail, probably, but Noah feels differently. He’s now in love with Claire. He goes from helpful-boy-next-door to her psycho stalker in about three lines of dialogue.

One minute Noah’s helping Kevin become popular, and the next he’s smashing heads and cutting brake lines. Even as Claire considers getting back with her husband, Noah attempts to destroy her personally and professionally in the hope that she’ll love him back. It’s over-the-top. And goofy.

The third act has Claire and her buddy, the vice principal (Kristin Chenoweth) fighting back against Noah’s crazy actions. Getting to the violent finale involves hand to hand combat for our brave heroine, but she never even so much as smudges her lip gloss.

You won’t believe any of it for a moment, but who cares? The Boy Next Door is still a hoot; just the thing for a girls’ night out, bachelorette or a pajama party. When the movie comes out on DVD, they should package it with a pitcher of margaritas.

A fat-free budget guarantees that the movie will make lots and lots of money, and no doubt also guarantees that Lopez will be back to star in yet another plodding, obvious, badly-written, dubious Jennifilm. Pardon the redundancy.