The Booger mobile is a problem for paying customers – (News)

The Booger mobile is a problem for paying customers –


In an effort to be different (even if different doesn’t mean better), ESPN opted for a three-man booth this year, but with one of the analysts not in the booth. Instead, former mid-level NFL defensive tackle Booger McFarland rides in an elevated seat that moves along with the spot of the ball to give him a down-the-line view of the play.

The only problem with this approach is that the so-called Booger mobile obstructs the view of people who have paid very good money to see the game in person.

Dan Katz posted a video last night of the dynamic, and other images have emerged in recent weeks showing how the Booger mobile keeps paying customers from seeing the game.

Making the situation even funnier (except for those who have paid for the seats with views blocked by the contraption) is that ESPN has attached a monitor to the back of the chair. So that those who have opted to expend significant dollars to come to the stadium can see what they’d be seeing if they’d merely opted to stay home.

Is it really worth it to ESPN and, more importantly, to the NFL? The NFL needs to tell ESPN what we’ve said from the outset: Just put Booger in the booth and be done with it. If the NFL cares about its fans, that mandate will come before next Monday.