That’s my quarterback – (News)

That’s my quarterback –

Terrell Owens once defended Tony Romo from criticism after a playoff loss by tearfully saying “that’s my quarterback” and the phrase was borrowed by another wide receiver on Sunday.

Bears wideout Anthony Miller was ejected in the fourth quarter of the team’s 14-9 win over the 49ers in Week 16 after he was a central player in the fracas that followed 49ers safety Marcell Harris‘ late hit on a sliding Mitchell Trubisky. Miller called the hit “dirty football” and he responded right away.

“I just saw Mitch’s head hit the ground real hard and I knew it was an unnecessary hit,” Miller said, via NBC Sports Chicago. “Like, nobody had to tell me nothing to go in there, because that’s my quarterback.”

Wide receiver Josh Bellamy was ejected along with Miler and 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman when the dust settled. Trubisky said he appreciated the support from his teammates.

“I saw exactly what I knew, my teammates had my back all the way,” Trubisky said. “We just gotta have my back and be smart as a team, because we can’t afford to lose two guys like that. But we’re brothers out there, we’re a family, we’re going to protect one another and it was nice to see they had my back and I hope they know I always got theirs as well.”

Trubisky missed two games earlier this year with a shoulder injury suffered on a late hit against the Vikings, but it appears he avoided any similar pain this time around.