Thailand Santa elves : World record gathering of elves

Updated: November 26, 2014
Thailand Santa elves : World record gathering of elves

Thailand Hosts the Largest Gathering of Santa’s Elves, More than 1,700 Thais dressed in elf costumes gathered outside a Bangkok mall on Tuesday, and managed to break the world record for the largest gathering of Santa’s elves.

“It’s going to be hard for the next country to break this record,” said Guinness World Records representative Richard Stenning, who attended the event.

Fourteen children were disqualified for not putting on their elf ears. Participants cheered when five minutes had elapsed, and received certificates to show they had taken part.

The previous record was 1,110 Santa’s elves, set in 2013 in Wetherby in Britain.

“I’m happy to have helped break the world record and steal the title from England,” said a disabled child, Theerathep Noonkao, 11, who joined the event in his wheelchair.