Thailand: fireball caught on camera falling over Bangkok ‘Watch’

Thailand : fireball caught on camera falling over Bangkok

Thailand – A mystery fireball seen blazing across the sky in northern Bangkok has been captured on film.

The sightings were also reported in Kanchanaburi and Korat towns, the Bangkok Post reported.

Excited netizens immediately began posting messages, photographs and video on social media.

In Bangkok reports came from many different localities, including the Khlong Tan intersection, Phetchaburi road, Victory Monument and Vibhavadi Ransit, Rama 9, Sukhumvit and Rama 4 roads.

The Kanchanaburi deputy governor said there was no report of a helicopter or aircraft crash in the province. He assumed the light was the same fireball seen over Bangkok.

An official at the Bangkok Planetarium, however, said there had been no reports of a meteorite landing. Most meteors completely burn up in the atmosphere. If one did crash to earth, it would probably be noticed, he said.

What was seen across the sky this morning could be a burning balloon, the official suggested

However, information on the website suggested the flaming object was space debris falling back to earth.

Video clips and other evidence sent to the institute had been closely examined. It was believed the fireball was 80 to 120 km above the earth, as it could be seen from many areas of Thailand.