Texas City Councilman tased by police in front of his home “Watch”

Updated: October 13, 2015
Texas City Councilman tased by police in front of his home - Watch

Councilman Jonathan Miller of Prairie View, Texas was tased and arrested after an incident with police.

Jonathan Miller, 26, went outside to see why the police were speaking with his fraternity brothers outside of his house in Prairie View when he was asked to put his hands behind his back, CBS News reports. The ordeal was caught on video with CBS News adding that “police warned the councilman several times” to put his hands behind his back.

“I feel like I was checking on my line brothers and I feel like it escalated to a situation where I was tased and it shouldn’t have come that far,” Miller said the morning after his arrest.

In the video, Miller is seen telling officers that he lives here with one officer saying “I told you to back off and you didn’t listen.” Miller told officers that he was “not trying to be combative or anything” before he was hit with the taser, CBS News reports.

Prairie View Police Chief Larry Johnson says he is standing by the officers and their decision. “In that situation officers were conducting an investigation,” he said. “They asked him, can you step away from the scene and allow them to finish what they were doing out of safety for all concerned.”

CBS News adds that the female officer in the video was “the same one who transported Sandra Bland to a county jail after she was arrested in July.” Miller was charged with interfering with public duties and resisting arrest.