Terrence Howard’s ex-wife sends death threats, Report

Updated: February 19, 2015
Terrence Howard's ex-wife sends death threats, Report

Terrence Howard Claims Ex-Wife is Sending Him Death Threats, According to TMZ, the threats, which consist of photos of Howard accompanied by captions directly mentioning his Instagram handle, include, “I’m watching you! I’m coming for… LOL. You two won’t live to see your children.” In another post, the perpetrator warns his wife, “Your husband is cheating on you! just thought you should know.”

In a particular post, the caption, “Oh dear, look what I found. Do hope you refilled. It’s one of the things you can’t leave home without,” is found under a photo of a pill bottle that once belonged to the actor.

The LAPD search warrant affidavit states that there is definitely reason to believe that Ghent is behind the postings since she is the only follower on the Instagram accounts. The LAPD has since gotten a judge to sign the warrant and has proceeded to find out for good if she is behind the threats.

The Best Man actor says that this has been going on for a year now and he has finally decided to file the report. Ghent, however, tells TMZ that she did not send the messages and has since been cleared of her name after speaking with the LAPD.