Terrell Owens: Former NFL Wants Second Chance With Cowboys

Updated: September 24, 2015
Terrell Owens: Former NFL Wants Second Chance With Cowboys

Terrell Owens is a nominee for the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year, yet it isn’t stopping the six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver from considering an NFL return.

The 41-year old had his agent call the Cowboys following the news of Dez Bryant’s injury that has the young receiver out 8-10 weeks. Owens went on the Rich Eisen Show Monday to discuss the possibility of a return to the NFL and America’s Team.

“We all know what happened when I was there,” Owens said, “and there were some things said where it may have fractured the relationship between myself and (Jason) Witten and (Tony) Romo. Time has passed, and hopefully they know that I’ve moved on beyond that, and maybe hopefully they have. But for me, it’s all about giving myself an opportunity. That’s all I ever wanted.”

Owens believes he should still be playing in the NFL despite his age and being out of the league since a 2012 practice squad stint with the Seahawks.

But it’s pretty unlikely the Cowboys will give him a shot, primarily because of that age. And why should they give him a second chance anyways? The Cowboys are 2-0 this season with head coach Jason Garrett having the team do things “the right kind of way.”

There’s really no reason to chance messing up the locker room for someone who was once viewed as a cancer during his time on the Cowboys.