Terminator Genisys : Schwarzenegger not surprised by Terminator return

Updated: November 2, 2014
Terminator Genisys : Schwarzenegger not surprised by Terminator return

The plot of “Terminator: Genisys” and two posters of the movie have been revealed in a new report. The movie will be taking the audience back to the first two movies directed by James Cameron, but there will be a twist. [Spoiler Alert]

Arnold Schwarzenegger insists he wasn’t surprised when he got a call from producers to appear in the upcoming blockbuster ‘Terminator: Genisys’, despite missing out on the 2009 movie ‘Terminator Salvation’.

He told Entertainment Weekly: ”I knew eventually that another ‘Terminator’ was going to get made. People always have to go through that painful experience of doing a sequel, or something like that, without me.”

Arnold believes the film will be a huge success.

He said: ”When I look at history, anytime a movie was well-done, it was huge. If a movie is made well, if it’s a great character, if it’s well acted out, then people are going to come and see it. It’s so simple.”

His co-star Matt Smith, 31, is also confident that the action movie, which will be released in July 2015, will be a hit with old and new fans of the franchise.

The former ‘Doctor Who’ star said: ”It’s like going on tour again if you’re Pink Floyd – the audience always wants to hear some of the old songs. There are enough nods to the past that people will feel satisfied.”
But Emilia Clarke, who plays Sarah Connor in the film, admits she was embarrassed during some scenes.

She said: ”The thing I didn’t know about action movies is that when someone is running on screen, they are really running. No one looks brilliant running on camera. That’s an embarrassing day when you look at yourself and think, ‘Oh, yeah, I look like an idiot. I should fix that.”’